Sport Fishing Trips

The charter boat Miss Mary offers six basic types of fishing charters to choose or combine for your fishing adventure. Our trips vary from four to twelve hours in length and children are always welcome aboard.

Aboard the charter fishing boat Miss Mary we strongly advocate the conservation of our marine resources. Please do not attempt to book charters with the intention of filling your freezer with fish. If we are to continue to enjoy fishing without more federal regulations we must all exercise self imposed constraint.

We have been very active in the creation of new fisheries habitat in the form of artificial reefs in our area. We would like to invite you to see the work the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association has done in habitat construction. The rational use of these resources and continuing improvement in fisheries habitat will allow you to enjoy fishing our area for years to come.

Inshore Trolling - king mackerel - spanish mackerel, dolphin, bonita, bluefish

Offshore Trolling - king mackerel, wahoo, dolphin, sailfish, bonita

Drift Fishing - king mackerel, dolphin, wahoo, bonita, blackfin tuna sharks

Bottom Fishing - red snapper, grouper, amberjack, triggerfish, beeliners, black snapper

Shark Fishing - hammerhead, blacktip, bull, lemon, sand, day and night trips

Cobia Fishing - season usually begins late March